Beaches and landscape

The breathtaking views are the most appreciated feature of the island: its white beaches, its solitary coves, the natural pools, the cliffs overlooking the sea make it the ideal place for those who love the sea … and satisfy really all tastes because it offers not only perfectly equipped beaches suitable for children to play, but wild and romantic corners for lovers of the most authentic nature.
Wikipedia mentions 52 sites in Sant’Antioco, including  beaches, coves, coasts . We allow ourselves to add Is Praneddas, with its beautiful “Arco dei Baci” and Cala della Signorina, both near the campsite, and a series of endless wild and deserted coves even in August: they require a few more steps, but they are worth all the effort…
The campsite directly overlooks the bay of Cala Sapone, one of the most beautiful on the island. And of course clean water everywhere, sea of ​​a thousand colors and the possibility, being on an island, of always finding sheltered beaches and coves even in case of wind.
Still on the island of Sant’Antioco, in the northern part, Calasetta offers long sandy beaches; a few miles of sea, easily reachable by ferry, the beaches of the island of San Pietro and the rocky islands Vacca, Vitello, Toro.
Moving away from Sant’Antioco, the dunes and the pine forest of Porto Pino, the gulf of Gonnesa and the stack of Pan di Zucchero, with Porto Flavia, up to Buggerru, a small port nestled among the rocks, to be visited to discover also the caves and mines.

Sport, relaxation & fun

Here you can really combine fun and relaxation, culture and sport : all activities related to the sea , of course, sailing (the characteristic lateen sail, a small triangular sailboat), windsurfing, wave surfing, kite surfing, swimming , snorkelling, diving, deep-sea fishing, fishing tourism. Whoever has a boat can reach otherwise inaccessible corners. In late spring, along the western coasts exposed to the open sea, you can watch the collective tuna fishing with the famous “calata della tonnara”. Hiking enthusiasts  and trekking, bike and mtb lovers will find guaranteed fun in the maze of dirt roads that cross the island practically free from traffic, and then horseback riding in a still unspoiled nature … Anyone wishing to have an idea of ​​the tourist routes can consult the site of the Municipality.
Climbing enthusiasts will find some of the most scenic routes for day trips just a few tens of kilometers from Sant’Antioco: Punta Pilocca, Nebida, Masua, Pan di Zucchero. Speleology enthusiasts find some of the most beautiful caves in the world .
Sardinia also has a lot to offer for fun: the Blufan water park in Sarroch and theDiverland Water Park Village in Quartucciu.

Diving: Coral Reef in Sant’Antioco; Shardana in Calasetta
Bike and mtb: Euromoto in Sant’Antioco
Fishing tourism: Nuova Antonina at the small port of Sant’Antioco
Sailing, charter: Sardinia Sailing at the small port of Sant’Antioco
Windsurfing: Windsurf Club Sa Barra in Sant’Antioco
Kitesurfing: KiteSardegna in Porto Botte

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